Soulsense hypnotherapy is based on scientific understanding of the human mind whilst being intuition lead; and is centred on the unique, advanced techniques taught by ABC College of hypnotherapy. These differ to most Erikson hypnotherapy techniques which are predominantly script based, and whilst may be helpful for a time, or as a form of relaxation, they fail to address the underlying cause of unwanted behavioural responses. Similarly to many psychotherapeutic techniques, which talk about the presenting issues, and past events, without addressing how to disassociate emotionally from them, or enabling individuals to live in the now and progress.

Our techniques combine the best of Erikson and Elman, together with the essence of N.L.P, to produce a unique form of therapy tailored specifically to individual client requirements, recognising that each client is unique.

In order to empower clients to maintain the desired outcome, self- hypnosis techniques are passed on. This is particularly effective against pain management, self- esteem and confidence issues as well as looking at disassociating emotionally from physical symptoms and most importantly the underlying cause.

It is important to point out that there are many techniques practiced by various standards of therapists, some less effective than others yet all referred to as hypnotherapy.

The quality of hypnotherapists and techniques used varies considerably, as does their effectiveness, which determines whether life changing results are achieved.

Ultimately it’s about achieving the desired result for you, the client. All hypnotherapy is not the same!

All prices below or per session

Hypnotherapy £40.00
Past Life Regression £40.00
Shamanic Healing £40.00
Reiki Healing £40.00
Spiritual Healing / Consultation £40.00
Spiritual Psychic Reading £40.00
Holistic Massage £40.00
Hot Stone Massage £40.00

Although hypnotherapy sessions can be booked individually, most issues will take between four and six sessions to address fully.

As additional issues may surface as part of the healing process, it is always recommended to commit to six sessions.

To increase effectiveness of therapy, courses of sessions are required to be taken within four months of first session.


It is important to state that no guarantees or claims for a cure can be made by any form of complimentary therapy or healing, as all healing is self-healing.