About Me

My name is Natalie Harris and i have worked and studied in many areas at high levels, having had a multi-disciplined academic and professional career. initially studying Biological Sciences at Nottingham Trent University and Manchester Metropolitan University for over five years, and carried out various laboratory based roles, including Research Assistant for Cancer Research, Christies Hospital; now Cancer Research at Christies Hospital, Manchester.

This hospital based research role provided a wealth of scientific knowledge and understanding; balanced by an appreciation of the needs of patients and the direct impact of such knowledge and understanding.

As well as hypnosis, my personal interests and passion lies in meditation, self-empowerment and spiritual awareness practices and techniques; in which I have completed countless workshops and courses for many years, in many forms of self –help and healing including Shamanism, Reiki, N.L.P and Mindfulness, which I now teach.

My vast experience in this area and all aspects of Spiritual growth and personal development and assisting the growth of others enhances the therapeutic techniques I use. As too have my recent studies of Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy towards MSc in Counselling and Positive Psychology, which I am finding informative and enlightening!

Having studied and practiced a variety of disciplines to a high standard, it is from an informed position that I am able to talk about the uniqueness of the advanced hypnotherapy techniques that I practice.

My scientific mind creates a desire to understand why these techniques are so successful; whilst my own personal experience of them enables me to state unreservedly that these techniques are subtle yet highly effective, and life changing!


All readings and healing session are a way of helping you reconnect with your infinite power and wisdom within, which will ultimately help you to heal from within, and direct your life in a more abundant, positive way. Readings are guidance only, a snapshot of the circumstances and opportunities around you at any given time. Connections with specific loved ones in spirit cannot be guaranteed, as those in the spirit world have their own freewill, as do you!