Whilst it is important to stress that medical advice should be sought for any psychological, physical or emotional condition, hypnotherapy is an effective natural practice which promotes a positive state of mind and well- being, this in itself is a form of self-healing.

Much interest and research now resides in the holistic approach to health and well-being, and there are no reported adverse effects of hypnosis or hypnotherapy, only positive results. As it is perfectly natural and safe, it is able to help any client of any age, including children and young people.

Hypnotherapy is effective with any issue that has an emotional basis; and as all responses whether psychological, physical or emotional, are nerve based and trigger an emotional response, hypnotherapy can help with any issue including the following:

  • Pain Management - including Pain Perception and fear of pain in childbirth
  • Addictions - including smoking, alcohol, gambling and substance use
  • Stress, Tension and Anxiety - including panic attacks
  • Confidence, Self-esteem and Shyness
  • Grief, Depression, Sadness, Negativity and Guilt
  • Intolerances and Allergies including IBS, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, asthma and hay fever
  • Compulsions, Habits, Stammering Nail Biting, Bed Wetting, OCD, and Overeating
  • Migraines, Nightmares, Neurosis, Headaches and High Blood Pressure
  • Exam Nerves, Learning Barriers, Amnesia, Memory and Work / Sports Performance
  • Phobias, Fears, General Nervous Symptoms, Indecisiveness and Lack of Direction
  • Clumsiness, Twitching, Sexual Problems and Lack of Control
  • Eating Disorders, Self-Harming, Lack of Self-worth and Relationship Issues.

Molecules And Emotions - How We Respond

As humans we are constantly responding to our environments, and adapting accordingly. This occurs on a molecular level, each cell in the body being affected by our state of mind. Messages are sent to and from the brain, and around our whole body via the nervous system by the release of chemicals to induce an emotional response. The chemicals that are released, are meant to be temporary, and to be broken down and absorbed back into the system after delivering their message. When emotional responses are inappropriate or revisited aimlessly as in some talking therapies, they cause a build-up of chemicals which causes dis-ease within the body.

Think about a situation where you may have felt under threat in the past. There may have been good reason for you to feel that way at that time in order that you responded appropriately. However, the thought may still have triggered an emotional response within you, despite no longer being under threat.

We may change in time along with our environment and circumstances, and our responses may become more diluted; however, there is still an imprint within the mind which triggers an emotional response on some level and until that has been addressed, the issue still remains.

Advanced hypnotherapy techniques can remove inappropriate emotional responses or modify them without eradicating memories or experience. This is what makes it so effective at addressing repetitive behaviour, addictions, phobias or stress and anxiety.

Mind Over Matter - Freedom

The subconscious mind is there to serve us, which it does by processing information quickly based on stored information and past learned responses. This is what makes us human and allows us to process vast amounts of information and achieve so much. Imagine if you had to relearn the simplest of tasks every time you carried them out, such as tying your shoelace; there'd be little time for anything else.

So the subconscious mind is doing a wonderful job, running like the operating system of a computer, quietly in the background. However, as we progress and change through life, new programmes may be more appropriate, and so if the programmes that are running are no longer necessary, or need updating, then they are unable to serve our ever-changing requirements effectively. As with a computer, the sub conscious mind is unable to decide to update or defrag itself. It is up to us to decide how we would like our sub conscious to serve us effectively and take control of it.

Advanced therapeutic techniques allow the sub conscious to be accessed safely and easily, enabling the necessary changes to be made allowing the best ‘now’ to be achieved and maintained, so that healthy positive thought patterns become second nature themselves.


Mindfulness is a meditative practice that originates from the Buddhist tradition, but it has no reference to religion. It focuses on the physical experience within the body, and is highly affective for physical pain or injury, as well as emotional pain or suffering such as depression and anxiety.

It address pain and suffering by acknowledging it, rather than fearing and avoiding it. This may not make logical sense, as pain is tended to be avoided d masked at all costs; however there is a high cost to avoiding the acknowledgement of pain, and this is secondary pain or suffering which can be far greater and long-term than the original issue. Quite often, when an injury, be it physical or emotional has gone on untreated, then the fear of exasperating it can cause individuals to stop participating in life. This may affect their engagement in all aspects of life from physical activity, relationships, and social situations, work, career or education, which can have a limiting effect on their life potential and enjoyment.

To understand how Mindfulness works it is important to remember that the primary purpose of pain is draw attention to a part of us that is diseased or injured in some way. Pain should be acknowledged and accepted, in order to address its cause. This leads to long-term relief of pain or suffering, and allows the individual to reclaim their power over their mind, emotional and physical bodies', and be free from suffering.

Mindfulness techniques are used within hypnotherapy sessions, or can be focused on as the main technique for a course of therapy. Has a calming yet empowering effect, and can be hugely satisfying, and is easily incorporated into everyday life, allowing for long-term benefits, and is a practice which can be applied to any experience throughout life.


All readings and healing session are a way of helping you reconnect with your infinite power and wisdom within, which will ultimately help you to heal from within, and direct your life in a more abundant, positive way. Readings are guidance only, a snapshot of the circumstances and opportunities around you at any given time. Connections with specific loved ones in spirit cannot be guaranteed, as those in the spirit world have their own freewill, as do you!