Swedish Massage

A traditional massage which focuses on releasing physical symptoms, and loosening muscle tension. Swedish massage is very good for back and neck pain. This type of massage can be used with or without oils.

Holistic /Aromatherapy Massage

Holistic massage is an individual treatment where the client is treated as whole, taking into account their physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, incorporating the use of essential oils and aromatherapy, uniquely combined to enhance the experience, and the desired therapeutic outcome.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot basalt stones are used to sooth the body and ease physical and emotional tension, and enhance a sense of wellbeing. Treatments can incorporate traditional massage techniques and aromatherapy for a truly soothing experience.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan salt is known to have huge health benefits; not only is it great for the skin, improving its appearance, it has huge clearing and cleansing benefits for the mind, and the salt is absorbed deep into the skin, assisting the relation of muscles, and clearing of toxins.

Chakra Balancing Massage/Healing

This treatment combines massage and crystal healing, concentrating on the main Chakras within the body, head, hands and feet. By intuitively working with the bodies energy systems, insight can be gained into where imbalances exist enabling an emotional release and rebalance.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage can be used with or without oils and is known for its huge benefits in releasing nervous tension, stress and strain. Focusing on the head, neck and shoulders it is hugely relaxing and highly beneficial in reducing migraine and headaches.

Shamanic Four Elements Massage

This treatment is unique to Soulsense Hypnotherapy and uses all the elements which Shamanic healing is based upon, earth, air, fire, water and spirit. By combining crystals, salts, essential oils and other healing tools according to the clients’ requirements, this treatment has a unique holistic approach to healing and is highly beneficial.


All readings and healing session are a way of helping you reconnect with your infinite power and wisdom within, which will ultimately help you to heal from within, and direct your life in a more abundant, positive way. Readings are guidance only, a snapshot of the circumstances and opportunities around you at any given time. Connections with specific loved ones in spirit cannot be guaranteed, as those in the spirit world have their own freewill, as do you!