Spiritual/Mediumship Consultation

Having practised Mediumship for all of my adult life, I have been blessed to have insight into the wonderful knowing that we are spirits having a human experience. This understanding allows for a different perspective on life, its ups and downs, its lessons, its purpose. We all have a purpose for our time here incarnate in our human form and finding direction with this can quite simply be life changing. Mediumship is traditionally understood to be a way of communicating with those who are in the spirit world, freed from their human form, and this is a wonderful, empowering inspiring and healing in its own right. However, as we are all spirit, whether incarnate or not, then Mediumship is so much more, it is a means of connecting with those who are in the physical body here and now, in order to help, heal and empower. Having practised and studied Mediumship in all its forms for many years, I have been privileged to have been taught by some of the most highly regarded teachers of our time. I have studied and practised within many local Spiritualist churches and also at many other locations including The Arthur Findlay Colleges, at Stanstead Hall, and Stafford.

I understand all forms of Mediumship to be healing and an honour to witness every time. I never cease to be amazed and touched by the infinite wonder of the spirit world, whether it be connecting a person with a loved one in spirit in order to bring that knowing that life is eternal, and there is no death of spirit, just no need for the physical body anymore; to looking into their Souls purpose for this lifetime, helping them to remember why they have chosen to walk this earth; finding the next possible steps in their life here and now, and assisting in them seeing all the opportunity around them here and now; or channelling healing and enabling them to reconnect with the ultimate healing source within their very being;. Whatever the reason for a reading or healing, the outcome is always the same, to be touched by the presence of spirit within and ultimately to bring about positive, empowered change for the better.

I have studied healing in many forms, dynamic therapies and psychotherapies, counselling, sciences and many forms of spiritual practices, and ultimately it all comes down to one purpose, one outcome; to reconnect you the client with your spirit, your life energy, your light, to enlighten your life, to assist you to make empowered choices in life of your own free will, and assist you in leading your best life here and now, making a positive impact on the world; to reconnect you with your spirit for life.

Consultations can focus on several areas including Healing, Reading of current circumstances to gain direction, Soul Plans and Life Purpose which look beyond the immediate, and also contact with those no longer in the physical body.


All readings and healing session are a way of helping you reconnect with your infinite power and wisdom within, which will ultimately help you to heal from within, and direct your life in a more abundant, positive way. Readings are guidance only, a snapshot of the circumstances and opportunities around you at any given time. Connections with specific loved ones in spirit cannot be guaranteed, as those in the spirit world have their own freewill, as do you!