Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing has been practiced throughout the ages, and can be traced back within all cultures. In modern western society, there appears to be a lot of stress, anxiety depression, and disconnection between and within individuals. Such conditions cause secondary suffering within the body, such as auto-immune conditions, and many of today's modern diseases simply didn't exist in ancient cultures practicing Shamanism, as is the case in many Indigenous cultures today.

"In many Shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?"

Gabrielle Roth

Put simply, enjoying life, feeling connected, and being at peace within one's own mind.

Shamanic practices are ultimately about respecting and recognising the power and life force within all living beings, and connecting with it on a deep level. Shamanic practices can be incorporated into modern life in varying degrees depending on the individual; and experiencing Shamanic healing techniques is a great starting point.

Shamanic Healing differs from other Natural/Spiritual Healing practices as it is said to connect with the clients inner wisdom, or soul; thus enabling a deep connection and insight. By using this inner wisdom together with the universal energy source and effective techniques, very powerful reconnections and accelerating self-healing can be assisted.

Shamanic Healing is more than reconnecting with the source, as it very ceremonial, including the client in the process; and for this reason I see the practice as somewhere in-between other Natural/Spiritual Healing techniques, and dynamic mind therapies such as Hypnotherapy.

There are various Shamanic healing techniques such as Empowerment, Soul Retrieval, De-possession, Past-Life and Ancestral Healings which provide a focus for the session. Shamanic healing can be a stand-alone session, or a course of healing sessions, which can include Reiki or Spiritual healing for a complete healing experience.

What to expect from Shamanic Healing

Clients can expect to feel a powerful energy shift within their mind and thought process. Shamanic healing realigns clients with their inner wisdom, and can bring elements of the self which may have become lost or distant, back, to create a whole more authentic self. Those who experience Shamanic healing for the first time, tend to be very surprised by the effect, and many clients return periodically when they feel power loss or the need to realign.

Spiritual Healing Consultation

Over the years I have extensively studied spiritual teachings and practices including many natural healing techniques, including Reiki, Spiritual, Trance and Shamanic healing. I consider these various practices to ultimately be utilising the same universal spirit life force energy. All healing is self-healing, and the practitioner is facilitating the client in allowing for self-healing to take place.

My interpretation is that we are all spirit within a physical body. I consider spirit to be the life force or energy within all living things, whether people, animals, plants, trees, or any natural environment.

Spending time in nature is like a meditation, and can have a soothing healing effect on the mind, body and soul, as it allows for the reconnection with that spiritual life force energy.

Healing works in the same way, as the healer uses techniques to enhance the clients' connection with the spiritual life force.

We have all felt weighed down with life from time to time, be it grief, worry, stress; and when free of such concerns we quite literally feel lighter! I believe that when we have a strong connection with our own spiritual essence, and the universal spiritual life force; that is when we feel strongly connected to all life and at peace and contented.

There are times when clients may feel depleted of energy and disconnected, and so more assistance is required to enable clients to connect with universal spiritual life force; increasing energy flow through mind body and soul, and this is when Spiritual Healing comes into its own.

How Spiritual Healing differs to Reiki

Having practised Mediumship for all of my adult life, I have been blessed to have insight into the wonderful knowing that we are spirits having a human experience. Mediumship is traditionally understood to be a way of communicating with those who are in the spirit world, freed from their human form, and this is a wonderful, empowering inspiring and healing in its own right.

Spiritual Healing can include connection to those who are no longer incarnated within a physical body, who may wish to share wisdom and insight for healing and guidance. I understand all forms of Mediumship to be healing and an honour to witness every time.

I never cease to be amazed and touched by the infinite wonder of the spirit world, whether it be connecting a person with a loved one in spirit in order to bring that knowing that life is eternal, and there is no death of spirit, just no need for the physical body anymore; to looking into their Souls purpose for this lifetime, helping them to remember why they have chosen to walk this earth, finding the next possible steps in their life here and now, and assisting in them seeing all the opportunity around them here and now, or channelling healing and enabling them to reconnect with the ultimate healing source within their very being.

What to expect from Spiritual Healing

Similarly, to Reiki, Spiritual Healing is incredibly relaxing and a very pleasant experience. Clients are encouraged to make themselves comfortable, and listen to the gentle relaxing music. The practitioner is working with the energy body, and so physical contact is not necessary, and absent healing can also be practiced.

Some clients feel slight temperature changes through the session, some don't notice anything, but the vast majority of clients will feel relaxed and surprised of how the time has passed. Most clients report to having a wonderful nights' sleep after a session.

A typical Spiritual Healing Session may focus on a healing touch connection or guidance from The Spirit World and/or Guides and Inspirers in the form of a Reading, with the use of divination tools for guidance, or a combination of the above. Sessions are Spirit/Inspiration led and have no fixed agenda although the aim is to be touched by the presence of spirit within, and ultimately to bring about positive, empowered change for the better.


Sessions are integrative in approach, contracted, confidential. Healing sessions are inspired by spirit, where contact, guidance or insight cannot be guaranteed, and should be accepted with discretion by clients.

All sessions are to be prepaid at the point of booking, and alterations or cancellations to appointments must be made 48 hours prior to appointments wherever possible, as a discretionary fee may be chargeable for missed appointments.