Natural Spiritual Healing

Over the years I have extensively studied spiritual teachings and practices including many natural healing techniques, including Reiki, Spiritual, Trance and Shamanic healing. I consider these various practices to ultimately be utilising the same universal spirit life force energy. All healing is self-healing, and the practitioner is facilitating the client in allowing for self-healing to take place.

My interpretation is that we are all spirit within a physical body. I consider spirit to be the life force or energy within all living things, whether people, animals, plants, trees, or any natural environment. Spending time in nature is like a meditation, and can have a soothing healing effect on the mind, body and soul, as it allows for the reconnection with that spiritual life force energy.

Healing works in the same way, as the healer uses techniques to enhance the clients' connection with the spiritual life force.

We have all felt weighed down with life from time to time, be it grief, worry, stress; and when free of such concerns we quite literally feel lighter! I believe that when we have a strong connection with our own spiritual essence, and the universal spiritual life force; that is when we feel strongly connected to all life and at peace and contented.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy are dynamic practices which enable clients to strengthen this connection, within the mind; which in turn has a positive effect on the physical body. Natural/Spiritual Healing can enhance and accelerate the process of such techniques, by boosting the clients' flow of energy and connection, which aids the healing process.

There are however, times when clients may feel depleted of energy and disconnected, and so more assistance is required to enable clients to connect with universal spiritual life force; increasing energy flow through mind body and soul, and this is when natural/spiritual healing comes into its own.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a Japanese practice which has become better known within recent years. It works on the basis that all living beings have a vital life force energy running through them, as with the principles of Chi-Gong healing, Acupuncture and other Eastern therapeutic practices.

When this life force energy is not flowing freely, it can result in cause blockages in all the bodies systems, which results in disharmony, which may show its self as an emotional, mental or physical imbalance.

Reiki practitioners are attuned to sense these blockages, and ease them by attuning to the Reiki energies. Traditionally it is carried out by the laying on of hands, although this isn't necessary, and sometimes crystals can be used to assist the healing.

Although a spiritual practice, it is not a religious practice, and as with other healing techniques, no faith is necessary from the client; just an acceptance that they deserve to be restored to a harmonious state of being.

What To Expect

Natural/Spiritual Healing is incredibly relaxing and a very pleasant experience. Clients are encouraged to make themselves comfortable, and listen to the gentle relaxing music. The practitioner is working with the energy body, and so physical contact is not necessary, and absent healing can also be practiced.

Some clients feel slight temperature changes through the session, some don't notice anything, but the vast majority of clients will feel relaxed and surprised of how the time has passed. Most clients report to having a wonderful nights' sleep after a session.


All readings and healing session are a way of helping you reconnect with your infinite power and wisdom within, which will ultimately help you to heal from within, and direct your life in a more abundant, positive way. Readings are guidance only, a snapshot of the circumstances and opportunities around you at any given time. Connections with specific loved ones in spirit cannot be guaranteed, as those in the spirit world have their own freewill, as do you!