Reiki Healing and Training

Reiki healing is a Japanese practice which has become better known within recent years. It works on the basis that all living beings have a vital life force energy running through them, as with the principles of Chi-Gong healing, Acupuncture and other Eastern therapeutic practices.

When this life force energy is not flowing freely, it can result in cause blockages in all the bodies systems, which results in disharmony, which may show its self as an emotional, mental or physical imbalance.

Reiki practitioners are attuned to sense these blockages, and ease them by attuning to the Reiki energies. Traditionally it is carried out by the laying on of hands, although this isn't necessary, and sometimes crystals can be used to assist the healing.

Although a spiritual practice, it is not a religious practice, and as with other healing techniques, no faith is necessary from the client; just an acceptance that they deserve to be restored to a harmonious state of being.

What To Expect from Reiki Healing

Healing is incredibly relaxing and a very pleasant experience. Clients are encouraged to make themselves comfortable, either on the Healing couch or in a chair, and listen to the gentle relaxing music. The practitioner is working with the energy body, and so physical contact is not necessary, and absent healing can also be practiced.

Crystals may be used within a Healing session to magnify and transmute energy, although this is not always necessary. Within A Reiki session I will rebalance the energy centres within the body known as the Chakras, to allow the life force to flow more freely, easing mind and body, which can release pain, anxiety and discomfort.

Some clients feel slight temperature changes through the session, some don't notice anything, but the vast majority of clients will feel relaxed and surprised of how the time has passed. Most clients report to having a wonderful nights' sleep after a session.

Reiki Training

I am a Reiki Master and Teacher and offer training in Reiki 1, Practitioner, Master and Teacher levels. Please contact me for further details.

In addition to this I started to explore Shamanism, and Shamanic healing, studying within several groups regularly, and participating in training at the world renowned Lendrick Lodge, and more recently working and completing advanced training with The Spirit of The Sacred Drum, spending around eight years in total in gaining experience, and completing the two-year professional training, whilst also completed Reiki training with Jane Flaherty to Master/Teacher level.

I feel that studying extensively in several healing lineages have given me a unique wealth of knowledge and experience of techniques, approaches and experience as a student, appreciating the many great teachers I have been privileged to be guided by, allowing me to form my own ideas on how to share the magic of healing with others. My professional education and training have given grounding and justification to the ancient healing practices, validating their effectiveness further, and my passion for healing is such that wherever possible I introduced it to my peers and professors on my recent degree courses, concentrating my professional studies on healing where ever possible in projects and my most recent dissertation.

Although my training has taken years, even decades some of the greatest lessons were actually quite short, precise and transformative. There is a school of thought which suggests we are all on a healing journey, and no one is to interfere, stall or hurry another on their journey, which to an extent I agree with as it is not possible to make another engage with or accept healing, as we are all responsible for our own healing journeys. However, I believe that if another is wanting and willing to heal, to encourage and assist them in reconnecting with the source, and in turn their healing potential, is part of our purpose as a human race, and for me as a healer, it is an honour.

We are now in very challenging times, as a collective we need to change and heal together, we need to heal, and in turn be healed by Mother Earth which sustains us physically. There are symphonies of angels and higher intelligences ready and willing to assist us in ways beyond our comprehension. You have a spirit team who is ready and willing to help you heal, and in turn heal others. Now is the time to commit to your healing potential, as now is all you will ever have.

I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge and experience, and in turn gaining from yours, and I will be honoured to be your tutor on this part of your journey.Although I have completed extensive professional training, my true passion is for working with healing of all lineages, and working with spirit, be that human or beyond. So much so, that I have created Soulsense School of The Healing Arts, in order to share my knowledge and experience with others. I have practiced mediumship all my adult life, and have extensively studied spiritual teachings and practices including many natural healing techniques, including Reiki, Spiritual, Trance and Shamanic healing. I have trained with many tutors from the world renound Arthur Findlay College, studying there and also at the Barbanell Centre, where I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with spiritual healing and other forms of mediumship.


Sessions are integrative in approach, contracted, confidential. Healing sessions are inspired by spirit, where contact, guidance or insight cannot be guaranteed, and should be accepted with discretion by clients.

All sessions are to be prepaid at the point of booking, and alterations or cancellations to appointments must be made 48 hours prior to appointments wherever possible, as a discretionary fee may be chargeable for missed appointments.